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A Dish of a Thousand Surprises - Pasta con le Sarde

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Un piatto dalle mille sorprese

This dish that has its roots in Sicily, and is part of our culture, because the products that compose it grow spontaneously on this earth. It is a poor dish of our land, as the nobles preferred large fish. The sardines of which our seas are full, are part of the blue fish family, they have a high nutritional power, because they contain high biological value proteins, vitamins and mineral salts. Another product that we find in this dish is the wild fennel, it gives a particular taste with its hints of anise, also used for gastro intestinal problems and to improve renal functions. Capers, these flower buds that grow everywhere here were already used in the Greek period, described by the doctor Dioscorides as a diuretic. The pine nuts possibly toasted that give the dish that smoky taste, also excellent for health, contain zinc, vitamin B2 and potassium, calcium magnesium and vitamin E and iron. The raisins pass that gives the dish sweetness, rich in calories. Saffron introduced with the arrival of the Arabs in Sicily from the intoxicating taste, also used for mood disorders, because it contains carotenoids. And in addition, the onion also contains many nutritional properties. I personally add the sweet and tasty Pachino tomatoes to this dish. And to end up giving that sense of crunchy toasted and flavored crumb, What to add if not a good glass of strictly Sicilian white wine, better if flavored as a dry zibibbo from the Sicilian islands, or a Trapanese cricket. But above all "Buon Appetito". B&B in Taormina.

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