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Gole dell'Alcantara

Just 13 km from Taormina center, you will find the Alcantara river. The peculiarity of this river is that it rises on a lava bed. Here an ancient volcano between Etna and the Peloritani mountains is the small cone of Monte Moio from which an eruption arose in the third millennium BC, and immense masses of lava poured into the sea forming Capo Schisò (Giardini Naxos). Subsequently the waters took over, channeling its path and smoothing its long rocks. The Alcantara gorges are made up of very hard prismatic basalt forming a narrow canyon, a fantastic and unique scenario of its kind. The gorges are only accessible from May to September when the water is low, only 50-200 m. To reach it by car you have to get off at Giardini Naxos along the state road 114 and then take the turn for Francavilla, then after passing Gaggi on the right you will find the signs for Alcantara. Once you have arrived, there is a paid parking lot, with shops equipped for the rental of equipment for climbing the gorges. The gorge is accessible via steps or via an elevator. The B&B Casa Cifali wishes you a good adventure. B&B, room, hotel, apartment.

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