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The Main street of Taormina

The main street of Taormina is called Corso Umberto I. This was the road that connected Messina with Catania, originally named Via Consolare Valeria in honor of the Roman Consul Marco Valerio Levino, who in 210 BC was nominated as governor of Sicily. The Corso Umberto I is 800 meters long, delineated by two gates, Porta Messina at the north end and Porta Catania at the south. The road is a pedestrian street not accessible to cars. This is the heart of Taormina with its palaces, churches and squares with architectures from different eras. This is the “living room” of Taormina, where you will find the most fashionable shops, with bars and pubs that light up the nightlife of Taormina. But as I always say, one town is not just the main street, the best is what you don’t see because in most of the stairways that connect to the Corso Umberto, you can find little hidden gems equally worth visiting if you want to avoid the crowds of the main street. These area are also full of pubs, restaurants, shops and everything else. Have fun exploring!

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