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Castello Saraceno

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

The castle is located on top of the mountain overlooking Taormina. Its position, together with the other castle which is located in Castelmola, served as an observation point for sea and land traffic. It was refortified during the Saracen period and later by the Normans with the walls that you can see today. The walls rise to about 4 meters. A collapse destroyed part of the internal structures, of which remains today a tower with a cistern for collecting water.

The castle can be reached by driving to the Madonna della Rocca, or taking the stairs leading to the shrines, of which I spoke earlier. Unfortunately, today access to the interior of the castle is not possible for bureaucratic reasons. This is a shame because from there you can enjoy an excellent panoramic view. For this we must ask the municipality, considering its historical importance and its scenic beauty, it could be a great economic resource for the city.

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