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Castelmola - A Tiny Town with a Beautiful View

A small, friendly village just above Taormina placed on a rock. The name is inspired by the shape of the great rock on which rests, reminiscent of a "wheel.” Its history begins in the pre-Hellenic period. Because of its location, it was one of the acropolis of Taormina. Its original name was Mylai and here lived the Sicilians, as evidenced by necropolis of Cocolonazzo. Later it was conquered by Dionysus. In 367, Adromaco built his town in the Ficare project by building fortified walls and water cisterns which still exist today. Numerous dominations followed, until the arrival of the Moors. Hibraim managed to breach the fortifications of the city and destroy the citadel. The castle resisted the Moors invasion, who then headed towards Taurmenium, through the door which has since been called the "Saracens." Arab rule ended in 1078, with the rise of Roger the Norman who conquered Taormina after seven months of siege. Roger built a new town around the castle, called Mola. If you like walking, I recommend you take the steps for a shortcut that passes through the ancient settlement through the Saracen door. One of the things to see in Castelmola is what remains of the castle and its panoramic view overlooking the entire area. The town is part of the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy. When you arrive, stop and enjoy a glass of almond wine, perhaps accompanied by a delicious almonds cookie or Piparelli biscotti.

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