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Sarde a beccafico - Sicily to eat

Today I want to talk about another dish typical of our land. It was the dish of ordinary people, of those people who could not afford the luxury of noble food. This dish is named after another plate worshiped by the noble Sicilian families who used to eat small, fat birds, called beccafico, who greedily ate figs. People who did not have money at that time used inexpensive products accessible to all, while creating unique dishes using the fruits of our land. The resemblance to these birds inspire dishes of the same name, creating dishes strong in flavor while reflecting and exalting the tastes and flavors of our land. It is a food that should never be missed in a healthy diet because of its nutritional properties. This fish meat is very easy to digest and is rich in good fats, namely omega3, and also contains: calcium, iodine, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, fluorine, zinc, vitamins A and B.

There are two Catanese versions stuffed with: breadcrumbs, grated ragusano cheese, eggs, flour, garlic, capers. Then encrusted and fried.

The Palermitana version is stuffed with: breadcrumbs, grated ragusano cheese, pine nuts, garlic, raisins, lemon, salted anchovies, bay leaves, sugar and egg. In this version they are rolled up and baked.

My version is a mixture between the two recipes. If you come to visit I will try the recipe of my grandmother Nicola, famed chef in Taormina. Great recommended wine is the Zibbibo DOC wine of Pantelleria, dry with a fruity aroma and mineral flavor which enhances its flavor. Enjoy your meal!

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